Unilever Pakistan Ltd

Unilever Pakistan (70.4% Unilever equity) is the largest FMCG company in Pakistan, as well as one of the largest multinationals operating in the country. 

girl with world globeIntroducing Unilever Pakistan Ltd.

The company had a turnover of Rs. 23.3 bn  (Euro 309 Mn) in 2007, and enjoys a leading position in most of its core Home and Personal Care and Foods categories, e.g. Personal Wash, Personal Care, Laundry, Beverages (Tea) and Ice Cream.

The company operates through 5 regional offices, 4 wholly owned and 6 third party manufacturing sites across Pakistan.

Accountable to our stakeholders

Since the time Unilever Pakistan began its operations in 1948, the Company has been closely connected to the Pakistani people and its brands have been an integral feature in their daily lives. In fact, the nature of our business enables our brands to be the pulse and heartbeat of the 164 million people in Pakistan.

This is a huge commitment, which makes us responsible and accountable to all our stakeholders and society as a whole and strengthens our resolve to:

  • Make a positive difference to the lives of low income consumers
  • Create new opportunities for growth
  • Improve the overall quality of life in Pakistan, by promoting education, nutrition, health and hygiene. 

Company Registration Details

Company Registration Number: 0000140

National Taxation Number (NTN): 0912725-9



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